The Twelve

...another deliciously spooky YA gem

Waterstones Says
The Twelve UK hardback - Liz Hyder
Cover by Tom de Freston.

We are the echo in the cave, the footsteps that follow you in the dark, the shadows in the trees.

We are fur and feather, bark and bone. We are light and dark. Earth and sky. Sun and moon. We are as one…

It's supposed to be a treat for Kit, a winter holiday by the coast with her sister Libby and their mum. But as the solstice moon rises high in the sky, Kit and Libby are drawn to a mysterious white tower, only to face disaster when Libby vanishes. The world has rewritten itself, leaving Kit to navigate a reality where her sister has never existed. Even their mum doesn't remember her.

But then Kit meets Story, a local boy who remembers Libby perfectly. He teams up with Kit and together they embark on a perilous journey fraught with dangers beyond their wildest imagination, crossing a world steeped in ancient folklore. Can Kit and Story uncover the secret of the Twelve and rescue Libby before Time itself vanishes?

Pushkin Press: Hardback, 10th October 2024, £12.99

From the author of the acclaimed Bearmouth comes another deliciously spooky YA gem centred on folklore and ancient ritual, as two sisters test a prophecy on the Winter Solstice with world-changing consequences.

Waterstones Says

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